Multinauti - Estella is an interactive audio-visual experience for toddlers, designed to enthral the young and the young-at-heart alike. The installation follows the adventures of the star Estella as she explores territories and makes new friends in her journey from the heavens to the oceans. Multinauti is an environment created by means of a projection, where children are able to interact with a wide range of beautifully rendered elements such as stars, space-ships, leaves and flowers as well as insects and other creatures. The installation combines striking visuals and audio to provide a magical experience like no other.

Multinauti - Estella was developed for the Ziguzajg Children's Festival in November 2012 and targets children of ages between 0 and 3 years old, accompanied by their guardians. It was exhibited for the duration of the Ziguzajg Festival at St. James Cavalier, Valletta, and was a great success with all the visitors.

The installation is based upon projections on the floor, and an infrared camera which detects the position of the children on the projection. Software then changes the projections to react to the positions of the children within the environment. The technology can be easily adapted to create interactive walls or floors.